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“Bangalored is an account of multiple issues ailing the city and what is needed to stop it imploding.”
- The Hindu
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“The book is very timely and appropriate as the silicon hub of India is already on the verge of collapse."
- The New Indian Express
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“Your book has really captivated my mind! There’s mystery, reality of rapid urban decay, the narrative is gripping and appeals to the heart.”
- Mr. Suresh Pandit, Management Guru.

“I enjoyed reading Bangalored very much! I told a few of my friends about the book and they all wanted to read it. I hope I can read your new book soon!”
- Inchara, Mysore.
Age: 12

“Sanjay has done a great job of grabbing the reader's attention from the beginning to the surprise ending of the book. A must read!!”

- Archana J, San Jose

“Floored by 'Bangalored' - An awesome novel, one that was just too hard to put down from the moment I picked it up! So gripping that I could stay up all night reading it! Fiction that was so racy that it deserves to be made into a movie! Sanjay Koppikar, take a bow!"
- Juhi Munjal, Gurgaon

“I have read Sanjay Koppikar's book Bangalored with great delight. It is easy to read, with simple, elegant and fluent language, an excellent storyline, conveying an excellent social message. Kudos!"
- Jayashree Simha.

“A very gripping story, very well narrated. Love for work, society, environment, personal life & responsibility to humanity, all described so well fictionally, by Sanjay Koppikar. A inspiring story so well told with all the masala needed to keep you hooked on till the end."

- Muktha Prabhu.

“Good grip on the story, must read. Sid(Character) an Inspiring leader! Looking forward for "pinch and drop" technology to be Introduced."”

- Sanvi Sundaram, Flipkart Review

The Book

It is 2020. Bangalore is dead.

Yash Deshpande, a 22 year old NRI, returns to Bangalore to seek answers to the secrets behind his father’s sudden death . Sid Deshpande, his father, a dynamic man with great morals had always been Yash’s role model and his super hero.

Sid was a successful software entrepreneur who set up his company in Bangalore in 2004 before moving to the Bay Area in 2015.

Yash gets a glimpse into his father’s struggles and how he managed to set up a successful company when he comes across his father’s digital diary. The past and the present are juxtaposed and Yash slowly begins to unravel the mystery behind his father’s death. What he discovers will change him, and force him to see the city he couldn’t wait to leave, with new eyes.

He gets Bangalored.

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The Author

Sanjay Koppikar is a Bangalore based entrepreneur, author and a Rotarian. Sanjay has nearly 25 years of experience in different areas of IT industry, with over 20 years as an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Quadwave, a software services company based out of Bangalore. (

He started his career as an 18 year old in IT industry from Dharwad, Karnataka before moving down to Bangalore. He is an executive alumni of IIM Bangalore. He stays in Bangalore with his wife, Varsha and son, Yash.

Bangalored is his first novel.


The video begins and the camera pans across a sea of young and eager faces. It pauses at the stage where the announcer requests Sid to come up. There’s loud applause as Sid walks across to the announcer towards the podium holding on to some papers, presumably his speech. He has a restrained but slightly proud smile on his face as he begins his key note address.

‘I had a dream,’ he begins and a hush falls over the auditorium as every audience member is straining to listen to him. ‘And this city helped me realize it!’ There is a smattering of applause from the proud Bangaloreans in the audience. Sid smiles, aware that he has their attention.

Why Bangalored?

Why Buy from Us?

Buying this book is a small step to ensure that we take part in improving the standard of the society we live in.Barring expenses, the entire money collected through sales of this book shall be donated to WARDS and the Community Service projects of Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar.

WARDS is an organization for non-profit providing support to individuals suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and mental retardation. It is run by Mr.Kathavarayan for the last 25 years. Being visually challenged from a very young age has never deterred him from being a great visionary and he has helped change the lives of many young children.

When you buy from us directly, there are fewer costs that cut into the amount that WARDS and Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar will receive eventually. Think about it. If you’re interested, you can send us an email to We will reply to you with our account details and send you a copy of the book directly.

Be Bangalored!

The Doers!

We have all been beneficiaries of the great Bangalore story. The meteoric rise of Indian IT & ITES industry became synonymous with Bangalore. The city grew beyond everyone’s imagination, but the administration and government never caught up. Every apartment, every house opting not to re-harvest rain water or conserve or refill ground water is contributing for water-less days ahead. There are a few villages around Bangalore where apparently you may get beaten up if they get to know you are from Bangalore! That’s just because they are at the receiving end of all that garbage.

Bangalore’s traffic woes are never ending and while land grabbing and greed has been at its peak in India as a whole, it’s grown to the extent that almost 75 to 80% of contestants for elections in 2013 were builders!

Is all lost ?

Thankfully - no!

We don’t need a Batman to save our city - there are hundreds of “Harvey Dents” working to save it already!

(Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force)

The Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force is an amazing institution that instills fear in the otherwise wayward and corrupt offices like BBMP and the City Corporation. Just an email to them would suffice!


Janaagraha is a non-profit organization based in Bangalore, India. It works with citizens and the government to improve the quality of life in Indian cities and towns. Whether it is voter awareness, corruption, area security, policy reforms, or urban training, they are at the forefront. The best part is that it’s run like a professional corporation or an enterprise. This brings out professionalism, visibility, funding - everything in the right measure to push it to the front.

Visit to know more about them.

The Ugly Indian

This is a non-organization of sorts. They are not a registered NGO nor do they have any kind of designated work space, office numbers etc . All they have is an email ID (, and they work like magic! According to their own words , they are a group of Ugly Indians with a philosophy : “Kaam Chalu Mooh Bandh “. (Stop talking , Start Doing)

Visit their website to see the kind of work they do


WARDS is an organization for non-profit, providing support to individuals suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and mental retardation, identified from various slums in Bangalore. In this endeavor to bridge the gap between these children and others in the same age group, WARDS has come a long way helping these children cast aside their weaknesses and fight their way through life, without a trace of inhibition. It is primarily run by Mr.Kathavarayan for the last 25 years who is visually challenged from a very young age although this has never stopped him from working for the children’s future.

Visit for more details.

Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar

Karunashraya is one of RBI’s flagship projects- a hospice that takes care of terminally ill cancer patients. RBI has been instrumental in changing lives of many women in many villages around Bangalore in terms of helping them create self-employment . They have been doing various projects right from raising nearly 18,000 blood units , conducting many eye and free open heart surgeries, providing mid-day meals in schools, etc .

Visit to know more about them.


At the Rotary Conference that was held on 8th and 9th February, 2014 at Palace Grounds, Sanjay's book was displayed at the Quadwave stall. There were quite a few interested people who bought the book and got it signed by him.

Upcoming events to be announced soon.